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Target Renegade (cracked version)

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I still have that disk from back then but not right now with me to test it again.
If you try to run the game, CPC resets. The friend who gave it to me, told me how to load it.
When the colour change to black(?) you need to remove the disk and count 2 secs, insert it, count to 1, and remove again for some more secs.
If I remember correctly that was the sequence.

Anybody had this version too?
I wonder how it worked.

Heh, I had forgotten about those cracks where you had to perform tricks like this... :)

When i'm looking for a recent crack i'm looking on CNGSOFT or Crackers Velus releases. The Target Renegade Velus release is quite good indeed.

Johnny Olsen:

--- Quote from: VincentGR on 22:05, 02 May 21 ---
I wonder how it worked.

--- End quote ---

Yes and I wonder what genius has come up with that procedure   :o

How on Earth did someone figure out how it worked? It sounds almost impossible to take a few guesses on how to crack a program, let alone this way.


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