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Team Moritz presents Moritz, The Striker

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Shaun M. Neary:

--- Quote from: Gryzor on 10:02, 04 October 21 ---Even after all these years I still get a thrill when watching a loading screen erm, load :)

--- End quote ---

I actually get this now!
I used to hate long loading times when I went back to using real hardware, now my CPC464 and a TZXDuino is the way I'm loading my games lately.

That being said, some games are a real tape multiload nightmare. Shadow Warriors and Golden Axe spring to mind!

Finally!!!!!!We finished the first batch of the 'Moritz the Striker' disk release.Take a beer (use the Moritz bottle opener), blow the whistle and show everyone the yellow card  ;D
Just working on the second batch and the tape version.
Team Moritz


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