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Team Moritz presents Moritz, The Striker

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It is not released yet.

Game is finished, DSK-Version was finalized by Kukulcan and me yesterday. And I did a cpr-Version today morning.

Lobo will do an Inlay, including some instructions. And then it will be released.

I'll post it here, when it's completely ready-

Sykobee (Briggsy):
This looks really nice! CPR too, will try on GX4000.

I really like this one, so charming  :D

This one just crys for a 6128plus version  ;D ;D ;D
Looks like a Really fun game!


--- Quote from: GUNHED on 19:00, 20 May 21 ---This one just crys for a 6128plus version 
--- End quote ---

Unlikely as the AGD or MPAGD do not have Plus support.


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