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The Covenant by PSS


Did anyone else play this? I found it a strangely addictive game as a kid, although never got very far, and was wondering if anyone has any hints or tips? 
I Know that picking up the fruit lets to fire some kind of missle which stuns the monsters(?) for a while..

From memory, I struggled with this game as a kid... there was a complete walkthrough in the 'Your sinclair mag'. I used to buy all the mags as a kid.

CPC 464 Forever:
I played this often.  I think I had it as part of a compilation pack.
Was playing it again a few months ago actually and it's still so tricky.  I think I get through 5 or so sets of the puzzle and then bite it.  The real sting is where the health generators are inversed.
Nightmare of a game but yeah, strangely addictive.

I remember we bought a copy of this that didn't work. It was one of those games that you bought that didn't sound right when loading. Like it was for the wrong machine or just faulty.
I recall our copy had very little tape on the reel. I wonder if it was supposed to have so little. It would have been a damn fast load had it worked! lol

I got it on the cover of Amtrad Action so played Covenent a lot. I remember just getting a bit bored with it as it was very repetitive and didnt seem to be progressing much


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