Long shot - does anyone know the name of this game?

Started by gobuchul, 12:48, 31 October 18

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Hi there,

First post!

Just set up a Raspberry Pi with Retropie and having a lot of fun with it.

A bit of a long shot but I am trying to find a game I had on a CPC6128 back in the day.

It was a sci-fi, 2d turn based squad combat game. Very simple graphics, even for the time. I'm pretty sure it was a "budget" game.

It was based on a off World base, Mars or the Moon, I think.

You could play against the computer or another person.

I played it a lot but can't remember the name.

It wasn't Laser Squad. Much less famous.

Any idea's?


Was it Rebelstar? I think that was a budget game.


Indeed the description does sound like Rebelstar.



Rom download and game up and running!

Unfortunately I can remember the tactics that make it really easy to win against the computer., sort of spoils the fun!


If you haven't already tried it laser squad is a really good game and kind of sequel to Rebelstar, if you like Rebelstar you should love Laser Squad.  It could well be the best CPC game.


Doing a bit of research, it seems that Rebelstar and Laser Squad are part of the lineage that led to Xcom.

I play the modern Xcom games, so will definitely check Laser Squad out.

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