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Started by SyX, 01:52, 07 July 14

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I have found free time to play the new game "Kamyzol" and i have used the chance to play to the rest of "Les Cracker Velus" games.

And they are really great games!!!  :) :) :)

My favourite is "Gliece Security", it's difficult to stop and not try one level more  :) :) :)

The only feature that i'm missing in those games is passwords for not needing to start from the beginning or a way of saving progress for being able to continue the game in the last level that i reached the last time. And mouse support for "Kamyzol" would be AMAZING, because that is the more intuitive way of playing these kind of games.

And for the 10/10, it would not hurt that they got original songs from McKlain or another cpc musician.

In short, i love to see this kind of small/casual/flash/phone games in CPC, not every new game needs to be a superproduction and those games are perfect for people learning (YES, you, you and you ;) ), because they don't need out of this world graphics or music, the playability is already well tested and they can concentrate their efforts in porting the game in a nice cpc way.

And there is a lot of those games that can be ported to CPC, as 2048, Bejeweled and similars.

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