The Legend of Ultimate Play the Game by 'The Digital Antiquarian'

Started by ComSoft6128, 19:31, 28 May 22

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I've said it before, this guy has the absolutely best collection of retro articles. I'm on his Patreon (though his content is absolutely free) and have been going through all his posts for a few years now... Really, really worth going through the list of his blog posts! 


Couldn't agree more.

The articles are so well written it makes me wonder if he was/is a journalist (computer journalist?) - the depth of knowledge and the humour simply drag you in. And that's my "problem" with his site - a quick look at an article turns into a 45 minute visit :)


Yeah, he's not just some random guy keeping a blog, he does a great job researching (actual research, like hunting down people and interviewing them, or actually playing the games he writes about) and editing his articles. These could really be in a book (and, as a matter of fact, he has some compiled ebooks on his blog, one per year covered I think).

He also has a (much newer) non-digital history blog, but I'm already low enough on free time so I haven't visited it. 


Thanks for sharing the game, is it playable on mobile online devices



After reading the article and its comments I'm amazed that to some extent same people were involved in Speccy Knight Lore, NES Battletoads and N64 Goldeneye. That's beyond impressive set of achievements.

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