The Shadows of Sergoth - Amstrad and Amiga comparison?

Started by Loki, 15:23, 26 November 21

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The Shadows of Sergoth blew me away when I first played it on the Amstrad, I couldn't believe that I was seeing such an impressive Dungeon Master style RPG on the first computer I owned. As you may know, the game has been converted and released on the Amiga now, Double Sided games released it earlier this month. I've played both, so I wondered if anybody else has played both versions and if so what are your thoughts?

For me, seeing the Amiga version made me realise even more just how impressive this is, on both platforms. The Amiga version stays very close to the Amstrad original in how its been designed, there's a few differences but on the whole it's a pretty faithful adaptation, so what you're getting on the Amiga is more or less the same game at the core, just with new and enhanced graphics, in game music etc to take advantage of the Amiga's capabilities. People have been talking about the game on the Amiga over on the Lemon Amiga forums too and on the whole it's been pretty favourably received, people have played it and been impressed by it and any flaws in the game for the most part come down to it being a faithful conversion and therefore inheriting some of the limitations of the Amstrad version.

What impresses me most though, is just the fact that this game is really good on the Amiga, and it's an Amstrad game. At its heart, sure its had a paint job but it's essentially an Amstrad game running on the Amiga and managing to hold its own on that system, a system which was home to some of the best first person dungeon crawlers of the era. I appreciated how good the CPC version was to begin with but the fact it can go over to the 16 bit system and stand on its own merits there, wow!


In my book, Shadows of Sergoth is not only the best 8-bit dungeon crawler by far IMHO, but it gives the best of Amiga dungeon crawlers a run for their money as well.

The well-balanced difficulty curve, the immense playability, the well thought-out levels/puzzles and, perhaps most importantly, the automap make SoS an astonishing feat on the Amstrad and the Amiga port is faithful to the Amstrad original. So the Amiga port is a glorious game, although not as impressive as the Amstrad.


It's very very impressive indeed! And I just found out there's a longplay too 🙂

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