Author Topic: Hypothetical Evercade Amstrad cartridge  (Read 526 times)

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Hypothetical Evercade Amstrad cartridge
« on: 22:43, 22 May 21 »
I’ve been following the progress of the Evercade handheld console with interest, and while there have been some nice releases, what I would love to see is a cartridge with Amstrad games.

Now, assuming such a cartridge was released (perhaps as a combination release with C64 and Spectrum games), what do forum members think would be the best candidates? Let’s say 10 games.

Bear in mind that certain games might have been released on other cartridges, albeit on other formats, such as some of the Dizzy titles, Super Robin Hood and BMX Simulator on the Oliver Twins collection, and Renegade on the Technos collection, so they would be unlikely to see a second release. Also consider that we’re talking about a handheld system with limited controls so anything too complex would likely be out.

For myself, I’d love a dedicated Hewson cartridge with Cybernoid 1 + 2, Ranarama, Zynaps, Exolon, Nebulous and Uridium, or failing that, perhaps Rick Dangerous, Shockway Rider, Barbarian, Spindizzy, Turrican and maybe some Ocean titles like Chase HQ or Operation Wolf. Modern releases like Galactic Tomb and Operation Alexandra would also be awesome.

Another thing to remember is that Evercade include several lesser known titles alongside the bigger names, so feel free to add some hidden gems of your own.

One last thing. This isn’t meant to be a place to talk about the merits of the Evercade, but is aimed to discuss which Amstrad games Evercade owners or potential owners would like to see on the system, so please bear this in mind.

Have at it!
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Re: Hypothetical Evercade Amstrad cartridge
« Reply #1 on: 10:15, 24 May 21 »
This isn’t meant to be a place to talk about the merits of the Evercade,

...probably explains the zero answers :D
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