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Toki conversion for CPC [ WIP ]

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A series of images and some animation of possible conversion of the Toki game for Amstrad CPC have appeared on twitter ..
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Toki - CPC development game project-
 This game should be 100% finished and come out for the 30th years arcade game birthday.
 This Toki CPC version should be supported on CPC+ and GX4000’s platform.
 To be continued...
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Cyrille Gouret:
Authors still “mysterious “ as only know it’s a French group of 3 or 4 people named GGP. Who discovered the Amstrad CPC in 80’s. And now want to restart to program as a challenge.
 About GX4000 and CPC+ platform , it is due to the modes and colors palette possibilities.
 I guess more info will come soon
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If it isn't a fake we shall have another hit on our beloved machines  :)


It's not a fake ! I confirm i know the graphist !

The fake Indiana Jones is Eric Cubizolle aka TITAN


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