Ranarama level design question

Started by SharkusMaximus, 02:44, 11 August 22

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Does anyone know of other games like Ranarama where you initially only see the corridor you're currently in and then the map fills in as you explore?




Thanks for the suggestions. While I can see what you're going for, none of these are quite like Ranarama in the sense I'm looking for. With Ranarama rooms and corridors aren't visible until you've actually entered them, at which point they remain on screen. With those other titles, you can only see the room you're in and nothing which you wouldn't be able to see in real life, such as something on the other side of a wall. Death Stalker is another game like this, while Hero Quest is a closer example, although this doesn't add to the map as you progress. Perhaps Ranarama is unique.


Switchblade does do that but not in every room. It's mostly for hidden rooms and corridors and such.
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Now that's more like it. Rogue is the perfect example and is likely where they got the idea for Ranarama. I'd forgotten it was released on the CPC.

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