Top 20 Amstrad CPC games

Started by CrookieMonster, 08:51, 10 August 22

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Andrew "Merman" Fisher has put together a great list of the best 20 CPC games. It's a lovely read and cool selection.


Obviously not considering homebrew games of the last few years :)
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As with all these lists, it's a matter of opinions and you will always find something to disagree.

But Burnin' Rubber is questionable to be on a CPC list.


Very well written article and an interesting selection of games.

The choice of Zap T' Balls over Pang is a bit controversial! If they were excluding GX4000/Plus games then it's understandable, but they clearly weren't!
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Nice selection, though a few I certainly wouldn't pick for a top 20, but I can understand why others might.

But there is an error in the section about Cybernoid, the excellent music was provided by Dave Rogers, not David Whittaker.


On the Renegade section:

" The Amstrad does an impressive job graphically of recreating the gritty look of Renegade, down to the stars rotating around a dazed opponent's head. " this some hidden mode? I know there is the cheat to get red blood instead of the blue, but I do not recall the spinning stars.


Quote from: DanyPPC on 09:22, 10 August 22Obviously not considering homebrew games of the last few years :)

Yes, this was restricted to commercial games. Although Zap T Balls was there to represent that late era when homebrew really started.

Axelay, thanks for pointing out the music error. 

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