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Tunnel Effect - joystick version

Started by Jean-Marie, 17:01, 30 July 22

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Tunnel Effect was a game released in 2017 for the CPCRetrodev, by 3 students : Francisco de Borja Anton Valero, Enrique Mas Candela, David Ivorra Piqueres.
It is a Portal-2D inspired game. Although the graphics look a bit bleak, it's an excellent game which requires some good skills & wits. And the 11 levels are cleverly crafted.
I had overlooked this game for the controls were quite awkward, with no less than 10 keys to juggle with. But I've managed to change the source code so that it can now be played with a joystick, using 2 fire buttons.
Controls are : joystick to move left,right & jump. Joy down to select/cycle the portal color (blue or orange). Fire1 to use the gravity gun, which attracts the cube from a certain distance. Fire2 to create a portal.
Kudos to the 0xDEF team !


Yes ! Thank's a lot for the job ! 👍

Tested on CPC 6128 with a GX4000 Game Pad.


Looks good. Is there a way to play if your joystick only has 1 fire button?


Quote from: Animalgril987 on 11:06, 31 July 22Is there a way to play if your joystick only has 1 fire button
Sadly no  :( 2 buttons only, or play the original on keyboard.

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