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Unwillingly in space - a textadventure

Started by marcm200, 10:43, 30 June 22

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My first textadventure directly written in BASIC. The story in shortness: Taylor, the hero, is stranded in a space craft behind the Mars orbit and has to figure out why the autopilot would not start.

The ZIP-archive contains the source code (plain ASCII) for the German and the English version, a DSK-image (created using CPCDiskXP) with both as .BAS (created in cpcemu), a manual on how to play, and (for the impatient like myself) maps of the various levels of the space craft.

Verbs are the central object of the code and distribute the work load to several "subroutines", returning to the main loop (lines 500-). I tried using 80s code style (as far as I remember it): short variable names, only partially storing data in variables but rather repeatedly read over DATA lines, sequential IFs (mostly) etc. I left a few REMs in (German version), some empty command lines ":" as GOTO targets and could have fused more lines together at the expense of less readability, but I figured for a text adventure it wasn't necessary to speed-optimize to the full exent.


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