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Of the 19 that didn't initially work so far, i've found 7 alternatives that do - Once the initial list is complete testing-wise, I'll search for alternative dumps that do, where possible.

f.ex: Auf Weidersehen Monty didn't initially work (and demanded 128k) but I found an alternate DSK dump that extracted and worked on 464 just fine.

For any particularly egregiously unhappy games, I'll look into snapshots. But it's very much an absolute "last resort", and not the go-to when something doesn't work quite right - I'm heavily leaning into the idea of loading direct from USB over anything else for now.

Honestly, once I find alternatives for everything I'm expecting a hit rate of about 97% or more of the initial list.

okay, the initial set is now tested!

If you have requests you want adding to the list (and 464 testing) reply here and let me know!
If you've tested a game on the list (or not on the list) on one of the listed machines in the spreadsheet let me know what game, attach the files if applicable (remember, not DSK/SNA, just the extracted files in a zip) and reply here!

GDrive link is in the main post (since it's too big to attach to a post)

I have added some new games in the known list and some are tested and work with cpc 464 too:
-Prince of Persia.
-Roland in the ropes.
-Manic miner.
-Scramble (the arcade remake).
-Donkey Kong.

Except from prince of persia which uses DSK image, all others use direct file loading.

Nice ones!! Thanks 😊

thank you!


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