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Started by Devlin, 13:19, 10 June 21

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I've made a small test for non working games on CPC 464 from devlin's list:
Xybots:            loads initial screen, but can't proceed (no reaction from keyboard/joy)
Who dares wins:   loads & play ok
Silkworm:          loads & play ok
Saboteur 2:        loads & play ok (it needs some seconds to load, obviously this is a compressed cracked version)
Light Force:      still crashes after intial load
Gauntlet:          loads & play ok, BUT,it needs 128k (it runs perfect using my 512k RAM/ROM board  ;D )
Forgotten Worlds: This has loading problems with all Amstrad CPC (it works ok on CPC 6128 using version from  CLASSIC" & "WORTH TO PLAY list)
Lotus Esprit:     loads & play ok, BUT,it also needs 128k
Mach 3:           Same problem with Xybots
X-out:             This wasn't in "CLASSIC" & "WORTH TO PLAY" list, but it doesn't load on any CPC.... ::)
Mickey mouse:   loads & play ok, BUT,it also needs 128k
Sly Spy:          loads & play ok
Buggy Boy:      loads & play ok
Cauldron 2:     loads & play ok
1943:           loads & play ok


Quote from: ikonsgr on 01:36, 01 April 22@Devlin , i think it's time to "Reopen" the case:
More details in this thread
There are ~1400 games, ALL IN DIRECT FILE FORM! This means that most of them will likely work on CPC 464 so there is a good chance many of the current non-working games to work on CPC 464, not to mention the chance to update the list with new titles!  ;) 

I did download this pack, but haven't gotten started on working through it.

Presently my "pack" available here is ones I've confirmed on my UK CPC464 (stock 464 and *only* usifac2) which is the aim - to have a list of games that'll play nice with only 64k/basic1.0 and a usifac2
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My 464 is a stock Schneider CPC with grey keys  :)
I thought that your goal is to make a working list for stock CPC 464 and usifac II only, but it's good to know which of the non-working games, are due to need of extra ram and not other incompatibilities  ;)

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