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What is your "best" CPC game of 2023?

Started by reidrac, 17:54, 12 December 23

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I guess it is OK for me to start this because I haven't released a game in 2023 :D

I haven't played many new CPC titles this 2023.

"Ramiro, El Vampiro And The Mystery Of The Papyrus" has been the one I put more time (and it was released early in the year!).

"Darkula 64" was OK, but having played the original, fell a bit short for me.

"Sugar City" was interesting, but I couldn't really connect with the scroll.

And that's all I can remember, really. I wonder if I have missed anything good because I wasn't paying attention.

What was *your* "best" game of 2023?
Released The Return of Traxtor, Golden Tail, Magica, The Dawn of Kernel, Kitsune`s Curse, Brick Rick and Hyperdrive for the CPC.

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Sugar City is not only the best game of 2023 IMO, I rank it among the best in CPC history  :)
I don't care if it's glitchy, or scrolls awkwardly : it's been a long time since I had so much fun on my CPC !
This is the kind of games that you still replay even after having completed it a hundred times, just like Ikari warriors, Gryzor, Renegade or Who dares wins.
It's a real pleasure to drive those little cars around the city. Urban cars are easy to steer, while sport cars are more demanding. You find some new tricks to improve your gameplay & skills. You change your path to minimize the risk of getting killed. The replay & grab factors are utmost.
And it is full-screen, which is not very common with this kind of games.
Kudos to Voxel Tower for this masterpiece !


SS got the very best promotion video for sure.  :) :) :) --> Get the revolutionary FutureOS (Update: 2023.11.30) --> Get the RSX-ROM for LambdaSpeak :-) (Updated: 2021.12.26)


I totally missed this discussion until now! :-[

For me, Revenge of Trasmoz was my favourite game of 2023. The graphics and overall presentation are beautiful and I like its fast-paced nature.

Other games that stood out for me in 2023 are Ramiro el Vampiro IV and Booty: The Remake.

There was also a text adventure called A1RL0CK that was released for multiple formats. I'm not much of a fan of text adventures, but I found this one utterly captivating, even if it is fairly linear and short.


Agreed re Revenge of Trasmoz I think, solid game and I love the physical production of it too :) It works great within the limitations of the system - I think there were many more technically impressive games in 2023, but RoT was the most fun to play.

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