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Re: Throne Legacy
« Reply #50 on: 04:45, 29 March 21 »
i have just finished version 1.2, here the release note :
- Jumps use stamina more than walking (prevent not losing life just moving by long jump).
- Add consumation level to each individual torch in inventory.
- Prevent reloading torch consumation by putting torch on wall and taking it back.

I will send this (final!!!) version to to make the physical version of Throne Legacy.
A very nice game that gets better and better with each new release, really well done! :P

I just report some small inaccuracies!

All phrases showing "PER" must be replaced with "A CURA DI" in the initial introduction of the Italian version, in order to have a more correct translation. For example: INTRO "A CURA DI" KUKULCAN e TITAN, TEST "A CURA DI" SLT, etc.

In the attached screenshot I think there is a bug in the text display! (it doesn't read well, but the correct translation could be: "TOOL UTILIZZATI CPCTELERA E ARKOS"?)  ;)
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Re: Throne Legacy
« Reply #51 on: 19:17, 29 March 21 »
I just report some small inaccuracies!
Thanks a lot @Mr. DVG.

Are you also preparing a tape version?
Here all cdt, one per language.

Hope all is Ok. I was too lazy to make a generation script for all languages, i regret not having done it  :doh:

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Re: Throne Legacy
« Reply #52 on: 23:38, 29 March 21 »
Great! Thanks :)