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Gryzor & Combat School tapes Side B

Started by mgman, 05:29, 19 January 22

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Is the side B of the tape versions of Gryzor and Combat School available anywhere online? Were they dumped? According to the instruction manuals for each, the respective demos are featured on Side B of the tapes. Unless the .cdt files for these games are double sided and emulators have a flip tape option?



Yeah, both games got a disk release as well. That edition seems to be dumped and preserved pretty well.

But for the tape release, I'm finding only a single file for these games online. There is supposed to be a side B to each of these games'  tapes.


Is it possible sides A and B of the tapes are actually the same, and the respective demos are actually at the end of the tapes? Can this be verified in any way?


CdtView v0.7b (

This is the CDT view of Gryzor tape. The catalogue shows that the Combat school demo is indeed located after the Gryzor game.


Cool, thank you! I'm guessing it's the same case for Combat School?


Perfect, this is now fully solved! Thanks a lot :)

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