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[Searching] CPC-Magazines

Started by Zehphez, 21:09, 16 September 09

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Hello there,

I'm searching for classic CPC-magazines or multi-platform-mags that also include CPC-content. So If you plan to get rid of some old magazines, please leave me a pm!

I'm based in Germany but in principle I'm looking for German as well as foreign mags.

- Zehphez -




I am very interested on all CPC magazines too.

Now I don't have repeat magazines for interchange, but who knows.

I have many magazines, almost all the covers of CPC magazines in the wiki are the scan covers of my own magazines.

I have spanish, english, french, german and australian magazines.

We can interchange list of the magazines that we have now.

About german magazines I have complete Schneider International, Schneider magazine and Happy computer Schneider Sonderheft.

And incomplete the Schneider Aktiv for exemple.

My email is my nick on gmail.

I am interested on Fanzines too.

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