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New user from Sydney.

Started by austfox, 10:20, 29 March 20

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I purchased a bundle of Amstrad gear recently, never having owned or used a CPC464 before. Since reading up on this machine I find it quite fascinating. I now have a monitor, disk drive, and plenty of disks. I have yet to get the actual 464, but I think I might have found a well-priced one.

In the bundle was also a selection of Melbourne House books. I remember Melbourne House from my C16 days. They seem to contain quite a bit of useful information. I am toying with the idea of sacrificing these books to make good quality scans. Does anyone know if these titles have already been scanned before I cut them up?


I think some of them may exist online, got to check. If so, would you be willing to sell them?

Oh, and by the welcome to the scene! 🙂 Wish you tons of fun!


Welcome!  :)

For most of us here, the CPC has a lot of value for nostalgic reasons. Since we grew up with it, we can be extremely biased.  ;)

But in newer times we've also seen more and more people joining here, who's never had any experience with the CPC before. So I'd say the forum contains a good mix of these two groups now.


Quote from: Gryzor on 10:25, 29 March 20
I think some of them may exist online, got to check. If so, would you be willing to sell them?

Ideally I would like to keep them. However, the thought of cutting them up / scanning them for both future preservation and for all CPC users to have access to them seems a little more appealing.

I did sell off another 6 CPC books on eBay over the past month, but to me the Melbourne House books seem a cut above the rest.


Absolutely understood, thanks for the sacrifice ;)


Hi Austfox, welcome to the CPCWiki!

Thank you very much for offering the books, but there's no need to destroy them.

I use a CZur Aura scanner which lets me scan them without having to break them. Check Curiousmarc's review: [size=78%][/size]

Best regards,

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