1984 Review of the 464 from 'Your Computer' magazine

Started by ComSoft6128, 15:48, 15 September 22

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"AMSTRAD made its mark in the hi-fi market by selling hi-specification stereos,".... Eh? what planet was that on?

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Sykobee (Briggsy)


I pre-ordered my CPC464 after reading this review back in the day (and I still have the magazine). 

I had been wanting to get a Z80 machine for a while because that was the CPU of choice in my college course. There were plenty of Z80 machines around, but none seemed to be quite right for me, or maybe some were right but just not affordable. Suddenly the Amstrad arrived in Your Computer and everything about the review and the spec and the price made this the machine to have. 

I picked up my computer from the new Dragon Data computer shop on Pier Street in Aberystwyth when the first batch arrived. All was going well until about half-way through running the demo tape the screen froze and the machine never booted again. Switching off and on again just resulted in a complete hi-res display of random screen data. DOA and very disappointing. It took a couple of weeks for a replacement unit to arrive - delivered to my house by a Crosville bus, which was a bit odd because we didn't actually have a post-bus system in Wales. 

So, the Amstrad and I got off to a bit of a false start but we got past that. No doubt the '464 became and remains my favourite computer of all time.

Shaun M. Neary

So the year is 1986... I spent a few weeks in Stockport at an Uncles place hooked on a Vic 20. Mostly playing Pharohs Curse (sp?) and some clone of Colossal Caves (or maybe it was the original?) complete with my uncles hand drawn map.

Later that year I'm presented with an Amstrad CPC464. Cue my disappointment...

- I know how to work a Vic20
- The damn keyboard has too many keys!!
- Why the fuck does "load" not work?

A transatlantic phonecall to said uncle. "Yeah, the Vic 20 is a dead machine, give the Amstrad a fair go..."

Fuck me, I wish I could tell that guy now how right he was.

My 464 literally saved my life as a teen. :D
Currently playing on: 2xCPC464, 1xCPC6128, 1x464Plus, 1x6128Plus, 2xGX4000. M4 board, ZMem 1MB and still forever playing Bruce Lee.
No cheats, snapshots or emulation. I play my games as they're intended to be played. What about you?


Oh, its sound is matched by the CBM64? You don't say 😀


Scanning through the other pages, it was a bit of fun to discover a ZX-81 type-in by J Dave Rogers & Colin Hogg (The Scout Steps Out).  I immediately fired up scout and refreshed myself on how much I had liked the music and... detested the game, for all it's charm.  :laugh:


Okay, out of topic, but EY ... Zine for 85p in UK but 8 Deutschmark in Germany ? Those dudes crazy ? Also it still is crazy that 85p where 3,19 DM those days.


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