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Started by AlexM, 20:28, 26 November 19

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Hi all,

thanks for letting me join! I owned two CPC 464 in the late 80s - one with Color monitor, Floppy drive and a printer and another one with green monitor and just the CPC 464 computer. Later I sold them and got a PC, what I now consider to have been a bad decision. I wish I would have kept them.
Anyway, last week I had the chance to get a CPC 6128, again with a color monitor. The computer wasn't working in the beginning but I could fix the power switch. Now I need to fix the drive as well, still waiting for the new belt to arrive.
I hope to see some of my favourite games again, of course only on original hardware.

I already have some questions, especially how to get disk images transferred to my CPC. I own already a gotek for my Amiga so there might be a chance to use it on my CPC as well. But I need to do some more investigations...Also the M4 and the serial adapter seems to be a perfect choice.

So excited to experience my CPC again after so many years!




Welcome to the forum! So you're back on the 6128!

Well done for fixing the power switch, and good luck with the floppy drive... though don't worry if you can't fix it, because, as you say you probably want to move to some kind of disk emulator.

I use a HxC with my machine, though I understand it's possible to firmware flash a Gotek and make it compatible... the M4 is also an option, though the disk emulation is slightly different, and I don't think the compatibility is as high as the disk emulators.

Anyway, Good luck! Hopefully you'll be playing CPC games on the 6128 in no time... What games in particular are you looking forward to playing again?
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Ok, got the belt today and fixed the drive. Discs can be loaded, now let the fun begin :)

I do not remember too many games anymore but I loved Fruity Frank...I do not remember too many titles anymore but House of Usher, Mermaid Madness, Jet Set Willy, Ghostbusters, Ghouls'n'Goblins  are still present.


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