Amstrad CPC Mostly Oriented Youtube Channels

Started by zhulien, 21:31, 23 September 22

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Hi, I just found a cool CPC oriented (mostly) youtube channel Sega Zombie and am enjoying it.  I thought I had found most good CPC channels.  Other than a few cool developer channels that I can think of (Zaxxon, Michael Wessel), I can think of... Chinnyvision, Xyphoe, Shadows Nose.

What other youtube channels are must subscribe ones for CPC?



Well, here is the little channel for FutureOS:

There is not much update recently, but it's helpful in some cases I guess.  :) --> Get the revolutionary FutureOS (Update: 2022.03.09) --> Get the RSX-ROM for LambdaSpeak :-) (Updated: 2021.12.26)

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