Author Topic: amstrad cpc new zeland adventure  (Read 202 times)

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amstrad cpc new zeland adventure
« on: 00:38, 21 April 20 »
After a wile, of being unable to test this game managed to find a disk image online that actually loads :D.
But damn! how bad the game looks is like someone took the sprites from the amiga version and resized them in a paint program, they are charters that look like a mess of pixels unrecognizable at most !.
I have to check in youtube to make sure that the game was working like it should it was like that, don't get how the developers draw such terrible sprites it make one want to play the zx spectrum release.

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Re: amstrad cpc new zeland adventure
« Reply #1 on: 10:34, 21 April 20 »
Yes, the cpc version was very disappointing.
However, back in the day (when I didn't know any better), I REALLY enjoyed it!
Despite its technical shortcomings, it was still very playable.
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