Amstrad CPC on the iPhone

Started by The Vindicator, 15:06, 30 September 09

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So the reply notifications do work after all :D


But even if you get the emulator onto IOS, AppStore rulez state you are not allowed to load stuff from other sources to run on it. That's why the Spectrum emulators either have built in games, or games available as in-app purchases, and don't AFAIK give you the BASIC interpreter. The only "proper" spectrum emulation I've seen (called iZX Lite - 48k only) does not allow loading of external programs, although you can write your own in BASIC and save / load them.


Thanks to @Devilmarkus , I'll continue the iPad/iPhone development of crocoDS and try to send it to the App Store.

Meanwhile, you could contact me to test it via testflight.
RedBug/Crazy Piri
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try the CPC emulator for blackberry on a Blackberry Passport, it works fantastic with great screen and keyboard for programming on and playing games.


Back on iPad/iPhone
Testflight version available
RedBug/Crazy Piri
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How do we test it?

Looking forward to it!


Click on the TestFlight  link in the video description from your ipad or iphone ;)
RedBug/Crazy Piri
Our productions on


Sadly this is iOS 13.2 or higher for CrocoDS, so no test for me and my old iPad mini  :(


Which os version do you have ?
I'm sure I could lower the minimal version needed
RedBug/Crazy Piri
Our productions on


I don´t think this would be possible since I'm on iOS 9.3.5 or something like this ... iPad Mini 1st or 2nd gen

Don´t bother with it since I got enough systems to emulate the CPC ... btw I mainly use my real 464 and 6128 anyway  :P

But a full working CrocoDS on my MacBook Pro would be nice  ;D ;D ;D


Really a good emulator. May I suggest some advices ?
The icons are a little confusing, or may you add a help in the application ?
For instance I don't understand what is it for the second joystick icon, the icons to confirm or go back are also confusing.

It's a good thing to see a Amstrad CPC emulator with this quality on IOS. Keep on ^^.


Great emulator !!
But it puts in tesflight that it expires in 20 days.
Would there be a way to get the .ipa to sign it ourselves and that it lasts longer?

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