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amstrad t-shirt review
« on: 12:55, 27 November 16 »
I had one just like this:

It was hung up in the wardrobe (because I had a smaller size) for a year then after a while I wore it.

The t-shirt itself is good quality material.

The picture is clear and is stuck on the outside (possibly ironed on or something like that). The picture is all in one piece.

It's got a smooth texture, feels like some kind of plastic or something like that.  In fact it seemed a little bit stiff and didn't seem to flex with the material much.

It's not accurate -  the text is a mixture of Plus and CPC (it has Amstrad plc and not Amstrad Consumer Electronics) and the year is 1985 - possibly the same you see on a GX4000 with a BASIC cart connected. This is possibly done to avoid copyright infringement.

Sadly mine didn't survive the washing machine even though it was turned inside out to try and protect it. The picture fell apart :(

(It wasn't ironed and I think it was washed at 40degrees exactly as they say you should do).

So, my wife bought me a different one.... review to come.

EDIT: The other t-shirt:'amstrad'-on-front/

(My experiences may be different to others. Another person I know also had this t-shirt given to him as a present and he never had any problems and his has been washed a few times too).
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