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Started by Tolkin, 19:00, 13 September 09

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Hy Devilmarkus, thanks for bringing the www CPC Resource back Online. The Wiki is nice, but the WWW Resource is the most important, and i think, very compact site with the essential CPC informations.

Thanks for that.


It's a pleasure.

But Kevin Thacker is still it's webmaster...  ;)

I only gave him some webspace. (For Arnold, too)

The Unofficial Amstrad WWW Resource is not deleted btw.

It's still here, too:

But it seems that Kev. considers to leave this hoster.
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Amstrad CPC games in your webbrowser

JavaCPC Desktop Full Release


What, is the resource on the same server now? :D Wow. We should bring all those projects together somehow!

Btw, a long time ago Kev had given me permission to use the texts in the wiki, and we had created a special category for that content. Maybe we should pick it up?

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