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Amstrad Z80 Computer Survey (plus some other Z80 based computers)



Hi All,

I think most CPC developers are interested in these stats. Perhaps if we keep them up to date, that would be cool. 

I have chosen to allow the same number of votes as there are options so we know how many people will benefit software targeted to that option, please only vote once for a particular option, but vote as many options that apply to you. 

eg: 1 person with 20 x CPC464 with only 64kb RAM, the audience is still likely 1 so just vote once if you have 20 x CPC464 with only 64kb RAM.  If you have a CPC464 with 64kb RAM and another with 128kb RAM, vote the two options.

You can edit your votes over time to reflect your current state of computers.

All of the platforms above have some level of compatibility, that is why they are there. I chose not to include computers with less than 64Kb RAM.


You can edit your votes over time to reflect your current state of computers. <-- oddly i cannot edit my votes, can you?

@Gryzor did I do something wrong? I thought I ticked the allow people to edit votes.

You've accidentally allowed users to edit the Poll contents, not their choices! Probably not a good idea as you may soon see... (Last choice in the list)  :)


Is there a way to fix it? I cannot see any options to allow or prevent people from changing the poll.

I only ticked the one to allow people to change their vote - yet that doesn't work.


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