Hello from Berlin!

Started by emilb, 20:41, 05 August 21

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Hi everyone!

I'm Emil, originally from Warsaw, Poland, currently living in Berlin.

Amstrad CPC 6128 was my first computer when I was a kid in the beginning of the 90's. I have no clue what happened with it after I migrated to PC, but a couple of years ago (probably around the time I turned 30) I started recalling these times very fondly and recently decided to get one again.

I'm mostly interested in learning Z80 assembly. I don't have huge ambitions, rather treat it as a fun way to exercise my brain. On the forum I will most likely post more questions than answers - actually started with one already ;)

Anyhow, looking forward to reading more and getting to know the community!


Welcome back, and have fun!


Welcome .... Have fun here :D

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