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Arkos Tracker 2 songs and instruments

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Hello :)

I would like 2 things regarding this topic so who ever can join please do: (I guess it can benefit us all in the future)

1. gather as many arkos 2 instruments (.aki format) as possible (to use the instruments I like in my songs and not creating them myself)

2. gather as many arkos 2 songs (.aks format) as possible (to listen to songs and also maybe use their instruments)

I know that this is already available in Arkos2 release but sure it would be great to expand this collection.

So, to start myself, I will attach several songs from our game for CPC retrodev competition 2019 (game is called "Ludic - break the loop").

Author of the songs is @brando464 so if you use songs, please refer to our game and the author.
(I guess using of instruments can be done freely since we did also used instruments from who knows where...)

Long live Arkos2! :)

Thanks for using my software :).

It's funny that I always find people wanting instruments, because I always advise people NOT to save instruments, but create their own every time, because that's the only way to get new sounds in your songs. By making new sounds, you can make mistakes, make experimentation and find new unique sounds.

Yes AT2 is great :) but I don't make music (maybe at some point I will) because currently I don't have time to learn and experiment.

I would like to try different instruments on already made songs and maybe to learn how some effects are made to make instrument.

I mean sure, creating instruments is the best way but sometimes you want to focus on a song or you just have a lazy composer :D

Anyway, is there some tutorial about making instruments? (that would also help)

There is the tutorial on the website, but it is not finished indeed. There *is* something I am working on, but I don't talk about it right now. This is the reason I don't update the tutorial for now, because what I would write would become obsolete. But I believe that what is explained on the website, and a few experimentation with the existing song is enough to, at least, get well started.

Plus, I'm available on this forum or on the website's forum, so don't hesitate to ask questions, I'd be glad to help.


--- Quote from: teopl on 21:49, 16 July 20 ---2. gather as many arkos 2 songs (.aks format) as possible (to listen to songs and also maybe use their instruments)
--- End quote ---

Artists can offer their AKS files (and many many other filetype formats) to gamedevs at
Use the search form and select "Compatible with Amstrad CPC".
So far only 10 AKS files are there though (by me). I plan on adding more at some point, and hopefully other musicians will also add some at some point.

No one can prohibit you from experimenting replacing instruments in a tune. Just remember you're not allowed to distribute such edits without permission from the original author.


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