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Cool or Uncool?

Started by ComSoft6128, 08:19, 03 January 20

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Probably true. "Now remember... it's how COOL they were, not how useful, or powerful."

Everyone knows popularity and actual value are often two very different things.  ;)

However...  the CPC was uncool, but the Plus was cool? I thought it was the other way around.


The CPC is cool but the Plus should be in the Sub-Zero category ;D


What does this even mean?  :laugh:

For me the CPC 464 is quite cool looking (I get the 6218 is a bit boring, too business!).
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Those "other" systems don't have a little Locomotive in their BASIC!  ;D

100 SYMBOL 240,231,165,162,190,130,190,108,108
110 SYMBOL 241,255,24,126,129,153,90,195,189
120 SYMBOL 242,255,137,137,255,129,153,102,102
130 SYMBOL 243,231,165,69,125,65,125,54,54
140 SYMBOL 244,255,129,126,66,195,129
150 MODE 0:INK 0,13:INK 1,0:BORDER 13:DEFINT b-z:DEG
160 a$=CHR$(127)+CHR$(241)+STRING$(3,242)+CHR$(127)
170 a2$=CHR$(127)+CHR$(241)+STRING$(3,242)+STRING$(23,127)
180 GOTO 500
200 FOR c=0 TO 1
210 IF y=13 THEN IF x=14 THEN MID$(a$,2,1)=CHR$(243)
220 IF y=12 THEN IF x=5 THEN MID$(a$,2,1)=CHR$(244)
230 IF y=7 THEN IF x=6 THEN MID$(a$,2,1)=CHR$(240)
240 IF y=8 THEN IF x=15 THEN MID$(a$,2,1)=CHR$(241)
250 LOCATE x,y:PRINT MID$(a$,p,1);
260 NEXT c
500 a=0
510 FOR p=1 TO 28
520 a=a-12.8571429
530 x=ROUND(10+5*COS(a)):y=ROUND(10+5*SIN(a))
540 LOCATE x,y:PRINT MID$(a2$,p,1);
550 NEXT p
560 a=0:p=2
570 a=a-12.8571429
580 x=ROUND(10+5*COS(a)):y=ROUND(10+5*SIN(a))
590 IF (p=2) or (p=3) or (p=6) THEN GOSUB 200
600 p=p+1:IF p=28 THEN p=1
610 GOTO 570
* Using the old Amstrad Languages :D   * with the Firmware :P
* I also like to problem solve code in BASIC :)   * And type-in Type-Ins! :D

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What... This table makes no sense. Someone put names by throwing darts?


Most probably...

Also, it lists the Atari 8-bit family as uncool, when the graphics capabilities were (and still are) quite awesome and the case designs of the XL and XE families are still superb.

Zoe Robinson

So many people talking in the comments about how Commodore's systems were cool because "Vic20 launched in Japan first" or "the SID chip". Urgh.

That blog post was clearly argument fodder and everyone fell for it. :(


Anything and everything retro is cool, so the list should really only have one column.



There you go!

Cannot agree more.

I'm enjoying the Dragon a lot as of lately, for example, and everything nice I manage to do is quite rewarding because of the limitations of the machine.


True, but some of them are cool in the "lol, you got one of these? Cool 😄" like with the GX, to be honest!


The only "not so cool" in the list may be the IBM PC ... All others should be rated "VERY VERY COOL INDEED !"  8) 8) 8)


Quote from: SkulleateR on 17:40, 03 January 20
The only "not so cool" in the list may be the IBM PC ... All others should be rated "VERY VERY COOL INDEED !"  8) 8) 8)

My god... The IBM PC "not so cool"...
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