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CPC 464 SD Interface Recommendation?

Started by OldScot, 23:33, 15 February 24

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Hello All!
I finally have my first Amstrad, a CPC 464, working! 
(Only took a new CPU, 40007 replacement, and a transistor replacement.)
I got the composite output working (transistor replacement) with a PAL monitor and then made an RGB to VGA cable.
Was quite surprised that the cassette drive is working. At least for my own saves/loads.
Unfortunately the machine came with nothing, no manuals or cassettes.

I'm looking for a device to let me load/save files from SD card (or Wifi etc) so I can:
1. try some games,
2. work on porting a z80 game I've developed to the CPC.

Can someone kindly point me to such a device and where it can be purchased?
I've seen interfaces described on line but haven't had much luck finding them for sale.

Thanks in advance!


Dandanator from ebay, polish allegro etc.
CPC 6128, Whole 6128 and Only 6128, with .....
NewPAL v3 for use all 128kB RAM by CRTC as VRAM
TYPICAL :) TV Funai 22FL532/10 with VGA-RGB-in.


@ikonsgr's USIFAC is a no-brainer. Just go with it:

For 464, DDI5 from zaxon is an amazing offer:

Both USB based though.

Takis Kalatzis


Your options include:

- Usifac II / Ulifac from ikonsgr (USB interface)
- M4 by Duke (SD interface)
- Gotek (I think there are USB and SD variants, but I have not had any of them)

I have got the first two and they are both very good in running games from storage. Not all original games can run from storage though, for some you may need to write them first to good old 3'' disk.

Check the forum for the relevant threads for the two first options.

Good luck!



Quote from: Takis Kalatzis on 13:46, 16 February 24- Gotek (I think there are USB and SD variants, but I have not had any of them)

No, Gotek isn't option here as this is a CPC 464.
If he wants Gotek, the best bet is to go with one of Zaxon's gadget (comes with extra memory, floppy interface and flash floppy)


The most sold devices are the M4 and the USIfAC II. Both have their advantages and I can only suggest them - both!  8) :) :) --> Get the revolutionary FutureOS (Update: 2023.11.30) --> Get the RSX-ROM for LambdaSpeak :-) (Updated: 2021.12.26)


Not that i design it, but i think the best "all in one" and "value for money" offer for CPC 464 is ULIfAC  :P 




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