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Started by Dec, 03:02, 18 January 21

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Quote from: trocoloco on 21:52, 08 February 21Updated version also has limited B1 support.
Hi Dec, as promised I've been running some tests using both images in modes B0 and the newly implemented B1 and it works great btw.
In this version the flickering levels are clearly reduced even when it changes from 30 to 80 por example, it is still there of course but it is definitely more pleasant to the eye. 

As the previous tests, reds and yellows are the most noticeable ones but even so the flickering is reduced by a good margin, it doesn't do that fire effect anymore. I have tried on a TFT TV as well and some screens just dont even flicker at all, that's amazing. Also I have to mention that when using sRGB the images created look darker than using RGB which in my opinion suits better the CPC and even more for the B1 mode.

So in conclusion, to me at least, there are clear improvements over previous versions. I hope more people could help give you a hand  and leave their impressions, specially pixel artists, that obviously have a trained eye hehe.

I hope this helped :)



Update: overscan images support added. Images can be shown with RUN "Name.scr" command.

I took boot bytes from martine code. Boot section contains string "iMP v2" and it looks like images will be compatible with Impdraw but this needs to be checked.


After i do the batch convert how can i use it on my basic program?

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