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Started by Colday, 17:21, 31 March 19

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Hi all.

Been finding it hard to share photo's and/or videos on here so I have set up a small Discord server.

That's the link if you want to join.

Those of you that use Discord will know how easy it is, others, just ask.

I've called it CPC-Wiki for now and I will need other administrators for it. The idea is to mirror the wiki forums somewhat.

Obviously if you hate the idea, let me know and I'll just use it for myself to share those videos/photos of my issues.




For those who didn't know, Amstrad plus forum also uses Discord as chat, and files, pictures & videos sharing. You could easily find all latest productions as impdos 512 or iMPdraw v2.

Ast/iMP4CT. "By the power of Grayskull, i've the power"

All friends are welcome !


Thanks for the explanation. Never heard of it, I only know of "this cord" :D


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