Author Topic: Donation received of manuals, now scanned, can someone organise them please  (Read 514 times)

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Hello to CPC Wiki
I am Jeremy Barr-Hyde from Australia and am writing to offer some new PDF scans of CPC manauls.
My hobby background is archiving/preserving/scanning vintage computing materials, with a focus on the Apple II.  I have scanned over 60,000 pages and share them publicly on my direct-download Google Drive repository.

An ex-librarian donated her printed materials for scanning and almost all of it is CPC 464 software manuals.  Unfortunately they are photocopied from the originals though. 

As I am out of the loop with CPC stuff I figured 'just scan it' and maybe someone else will know what to do.  I assume most of it is online but you may find something new.

Anyone interested can view my repo at:
Navigate through the folders:  Scanned Book and Magazine Collection -> Amstrad

Directory listing:

AMSWORD Soft 164.pdf
DFM Database 464 DFM Labels 464 Soft 941.pdf
Home Account Manager Soft 942.pdf
Mastercalc Soft 905.pdf
Masterfile 464 Program Extensions custom curve.pdf
Masterfile 464 Soft 914.pdf
MicroPen Soft 1011.pdf
MicroScript Soft 1010.pdf
MicroSpread Soft 1012.pdf
Mini Office II (bad photocopy source).pdf
Screen Designer Amstrad CPC464 supplement.pdf
Screen Designer Amstrad CPC464.pdf
Swords & Sorcery Spectrum 48K CPC PSS Software (bad photocopy).pdf
Tascopy 464 The Screen Copier.pdf
Tasprint 464 The Style-Writer (photocopy).pdf
Tasprint Font examples.pdf
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Hi Jeremy and welcome to the CPCWiki Forum.

A good place to upload the PDFs would be the Internet Archive at That's about as permanent a home as you might find. Also, the PDFs will be OCR'd into text on uploading which makes it possible to search inside them individually and also makes it more likely that they can be found by web searches.

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Hello to CPC Wiki
I am Jeremy Barr-Hyde from Australia and am writing to offer some new PDF scans of CPC manauls
Hye Jeremy,Glad to (virtually) meet you  :D ! I'm the webmaster of AMSTRAD CPC MEMOIRE ECRITE website (, and of course, such message is like a morning dew on a summer day... I'm going to have a deep look NOW.....

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wow.. what a site mate! Never knew this existed! Great work :)