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Started by SerErris, 22:15, 12 August 21

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I have on the top next to the CPCWiki logo a red suqare with a 3 in it. I assume that is something unread (replies or pms... ) but I could not find out what it is. in replies nothing is unread (nothing in there anymore) and also nothing unread in PM.

Any idea how I can find out what that is alerting me about?
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They are your notifications. Click on the triangle and it will tell you what the three things are, such as "Bryce liked your post.....(link to post)" or "Gryzor mentioned you in post...(link to post)" etc.



Click on the little exclamation-in-a-triangle icon, a little lower and to the left (got to love CSS) for a list of the notifications :)


thank you - that helped me too!!  :D

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