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Title: *** LAST CHANCE *** FREE working AMSTRAD PCW 8256
Post by: Pippa333 on 14:10, 02 July 21

Dear Members,

The only enquiry I've had was a PM (I 'think' that' is forum speak for Private Message!?) who was after the data disks, only!
I haven't got back to them*, yet - because I thought I'd keep 'with m/c, etc' in case any of you want the full works ... the 37 re-formatted data discs would probably have been, a plus!

I am exceedingly busy work-wise at the moment, but to do my best for my (departed) belovéd, I am willing to DELIVER BOTH boxes (ONLY) - within about 10 miles of Pimlico/Victoria, SW1V -
however, if you are in the congestion charge zone, you will need to pay me for my C-Charge!

If any of you others from abroad, are hopeful of 'travel', maybe you could be in touch with a fellow member in London - to hold for you?!
Just a thought - as you know: I am loathed to throw out, but I need the space - TWO BOXES MUST GO ('out' if necessary) ASAP!

*To the member who wants the 37 data discs: I MIGHT yet be in touch ... depends on my level of busyness! :doh: (I don't use emojis - is that the right one!??)
(On the reformatted discs: I have not 'attempted' to remove labels - my go-to notion would have been petrol and a 10A scalpel! - but didn't want to risk damaging them! DO you still want?)

Best wishes to you all,

FREE working AMSTRAD PCW 8256
with keyboard, printer, and Start of the Day disk

Other misc software (I have not checked out these!):

CP/M PLUS, Amsoft system/ utilities basic disc
Amsoft Wordprocessor Loco Script
Amsoft Programming Utilities

Condition – USED - it works!

This belonged to my belovéd who died last year.  I have cleaned it up a bit since the photo was taken!
I have uploaded 3 JPGs - can't see them on the preview - here's hoping they are there!
Sorry about the lousy photos – taken in haste when we were trying to clear out the flat before landlords were after me for another month’s rent!

37 data discs which I have reformatted (unsuccessful ones are in the bin)

The printer works, but I’m having trouble getting the ribbon to stay in its slot (to the roller) – might be something easy to sort by a more experienced person!

Have just put Amstrad and keyboard into an Archive box, and printer (+ 2 ribbons), all discs, and manuals, into a 2nd Archive box (both with handles + lids!)

I know I could just dump it all, but I know you guys would find that shocking!

Can any of you come and collect BOTH boxes (London SW1V – Pimlico – not in congestion zone!) ASAP - all yours, no cost.

Title: Re: FREE working AMSTRAD PCW 8256
Post by: Gryzor on 14:37, 02 July 21
First of all, thank you for offering these; you could easily just set them out on the pavement or worse, really nice of you to think of others in a situation that's not easy to deal with after all...

Hope someone gets hold of these and offer them a good home. Wish I could get it but postage will kill me (and posting it will probably kill *it*)!
Title: Re: FREE working AMSTRAD PCW 8256
Post by: SkulleateR on 16:00, 02 July 21
Sadly I'm in Germany  :'(

Come on guys, give this nice piece of old tech a good home, will ya ?