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Title: Greetings
Post by: jonesypeter on 18:02, 14 January 21
I'm Peter from West Sussex in the UK. My first computer was a ZX81 which I built from a kit with my late father.

I should probably say that I'm the webmaster for the website spectrumcomputing.co.uk (https://www.cpcwiki.eu/forum/spectrumcomputing.co.uk). It's OK to appreciate aspects of other machines though (which I do), and emulators give you the change to try software on many platforms.  I do love the way the Amstrad CPC has the ability of multi-colour UDGS (16 colours) in MODE 0.  I just wish you could have 16 colours in MODE 1 and the 320 x 200 resolution.  I have always struggled with the CPC with the 160 x 200 emulation, things always looked chunky.  However some of the more recent games have done excellent things despite this restriction.

Hope you are all keeping safe during these terrible times.

Title: Re: Greetings
Post by: Gryzor on 10:31, 15 January 21
Welcome Peter!

As you'll see we do appreciate other platforms and many discussions on old systems crop up frequently, so you're in good company.

Regarding the resolution, I guess we're all used to it here - to be honest I always chuckled when I read about the Speccy's "high resolution". Of course who wouldn't have liked a ton of colours at mode 1 or 2... but to be honest, quite early on (I think it was when I got my 1040STFM) I realised that with correct use of colour you can overcome the limitations of a low resolution, as many games now and then have shown. You can put screenshots from, say, a Roland game and Chase HQ next to each other and marvel at the difference in perception...
Title: Re: Greetings
Post by: jonesypeter on 11:33, 15 January 21
Thanks @Gryzor (https://www.cpcwiki.eu/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=1)

I have been a member for some years, but it has been lockdown that has given me spare time to look at the CPC in more detail and join in on the forums.

I agree about the High Resolution statement on the Speccy.  It should probably say something like 256 x 192 high resolution, but only if you stick two 2 colours per 8x8 pixel cell.

We talk about the CPC and other machines too on the other retro section of the SC forums.