GT65 - You pay the postage - Competition?

Started by ComSoft6128, 11:47, 25 January 22

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I have one surplus to (my) requirements GT65 monitor in mint condition that I'm giving away.
My problem is this - who to?
I'm not interested in making a decision on who gets it - in fact I would consider having to do that a real pain.
So, maybe some kind of compo?



I still have my original GT65 - it's still the best to keep your eyes happy while working on the CPC - while this is not that important anymore, it still has it's place right next to the CTM, just in case I want to continue one of the Infocom adventures.

What puzzles me is how they managed to build such robust hardware - I have never seen a failing CPC monitor.


A few reported here but I haven't seen a busted one either... And I've seen a few!


I have seen 3 in the last 2 years. 1 failed, 1 has a slightly rotated screen and one is still working fine.


My first Monitor also was a GT65 (still working) and I was totally shocked when I first saw games in color. Still today I hate playing Batman (1986) on a colorscreen.

I've seen many ctm644 die by the way.....(flyback transformer)
TGS is back

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Quote from: Shining link
I've seen many ctm644 die by the way.....(flyback transformer)

Okay, there's one thing that can kill any flyback transformer: humidity!  I believe that the majority of these transformers were killed when the monitor or TV set was turned on on a humid day.  If you have hardware that you can hardly replace (like my 19" cathode ray tube for a 16/32bit homecomputer from the 80's) better check the hygrometer, it shouldn't read more than 60% humidity.  While that may sound a bit academic, I never had a problem since then.  I just love the picture they make, these old big and heavy tubes!   8)

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