Hello CPC enthusiasts - Nice to meet you!

Started by philuk2000, 16:13, 29 July 21

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Hi everyone,

I've only recently registered here but have frequented the wiki and forum posts over the past few years and thought I would introduce myself. I have very recently acquired a 464 and 6128 with an interest of getting deep into all aspects of the hardware and programming them; firstly, this is so I can learn more fundamentally about how 8 bit computers (and all computers generally) work, from the ground up, and secondly to hopefully give something back to this community.

It's been over 30 years since I touched an CPC 464 and I must say it felt really good powering it on, loading a game and feeling and hearing those mechanical keys after all this time.

So, here's to the future of micro computing (again) - and thanks for taking the time to read this!

All the best

p.s. seems my original post got corrupted somehow so had to modify.


...and a warm welcome to you :)


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