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Started by Serpentwar, 17:23, 03 April 21

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Hello there  I'm Pete from the UK, the 464 with green screen was my first ever computer with the amsoft pack of games.  I've been on the retro scene for years with other systems but took until last year to get a replacement 464 as I had mixed feelings about the system.  I was unlucky as a child getting a very unreliable system which had to back for repairs several times so I ended up losing interest.   When I became older and saw just how much sacrifice my parents had to make to get me that system to have it fail repeatedly and me loose interest caused a lot of guilt despite really wanting to get back into it.  I talked to mum about it as dad passed years ago and she ended up ordering me a replacement one as he used to play games with me and help type in programs from mags.   Unlike my previous one it's bulletproof, I ordered the Zaxxon board and that's been a revelation making thing so much easier then this week a GX4000 fell into my lap for a bargain price with two games, I looked online, had a mantrum (like a tantrum but more manly) at the prices, did a bit of googling and ended up here.  I'd also like to say thanks to Gerald for replying to a amsnoob so quickly and helpfully.


You must have been unlucky with your unique system, I have never heard that any of them failed when I was a kid.

I also came back to the CPC just a year ago. For 30 years I was not interested in the CPC anymore but since I got a CPC again, I focused solely on the CPC and will get rid of my Ataris now. It's just... hmh... I love the simplicity of the system and to deal with the limitations - but still being able to produce something that is fun.

Enjoy your time with the CPC and relive your childhood memories!


Welcome, mate. Indeed you were extremely unlucky I'd say... Glad your experience was smoother this time :)

Also: your mum rules!


Hi Pete, welcome!

Glad to hear that you're having more luck with your CPC this time around!
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