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Started by arnolde, 17:10, 25 May 21

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Hello everyone, 8)

just a quick hello from my side: after having read a lot here and on the Wiki itself (what a great reesource!) I decided to subscribe...

My Amstrad journey started relatively late, in 1990, when my french cousin "upgraded" to an Amiga and I got his CPC6128. Of course it was a french model (So, although I live in Austria, my first keyboard experience was Azerty...) Anyway, it was my first computer (I was 13 years old) and I completely fell in love with programming (Loco Basic) and learning how it works. Fortunately, my cousin also left me with a bunch of disks with the best software (Advanced OCP, Gryzor, Cybernoid, Nebulus...) and also some demos which blew my mind... I started to learn Z80 assembly, but it was so hard to find good resources and answers to all my questions, so I didn't get very far and my admiration for the demo programmers grew even bigger... :o

Of course, as the time goes by, my CPC was replaced by a x486 PC, then another PC, then another... and I'm afraid I just threw it away eventually, which is, I know it now, unexcusable... :picard: I always kept interested in computing but I got a job in a totally different field. So occasionally I typed a little this and that, learned some C and Python...

Cut to one year ago. I watch "Bandersnatch" on Netflix. If you have't seen it, warmest recommendation. I know, it's about a Spectrum programmer, not a CPC one, but the whole atmosphere of the time is revived so perfectly in this movie: THe 8 bit spirit, the smelly teenager's bedroom and the rabbit hole... So I remembered my teenager dream of becoming a Z80 coder and did some research (yeah, and it was lockdown, too...). I found Keith's (chibi akumas) great learning material, I found the CPC Wiki and I found WinAPE. And that's how my own rabbit hole started.

So far, so bad, my wife hates the Z80 now, I think, and I try to do some rehab / withdrawal now. But before that, I want to show the world what I've programmed. So see you in my next threads 8)


Welcome to the forum! ;D
There are a lot of nice friendly people on here.
Please don't completely withdraw; CPC stuff is just like any other hobby, you have to fit it around the boring real-world things that keep getting in the way! :D :D


Welcome!  :)

I think Bandersnatch was utterly awesome - in the beginning. But then it felt like they realized they'd taken on a too big project, and the rest of it wasn't treated with the same patience. But brilliant in the beginning.  :)


Quote from: mr_lou on 17:56, 25 May 21I think Bandersnatch was utterly awesome - in the beginning. But then it felt like they realized they'd taken on a too big project
Which is so very ironic, because that's exactly the story of the movie... ;-)


Quote from: arnolde on 18:20, 25 May 21
Which is so very ironic, because that's exactly the story of the movie... ;-)

Yea. You're not saying it was intentional, right?

I'd love to see more stuff like it though. After watching Bandersnatch I found "Late Shift" on Steam, which is also worth a go. I have yet to watch "Her Story", which also has a good rep.

Could also be fun to make such a project myself.  :)
It would go well in hand with my passion for Blu-ray.  ;)


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Wecome to the forum!
Good to hear you're enjoying the Z80, even if your wife is not!

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I really liked Bandersnatch. Didn't try to look too deep into it but me and the missus had a great evening trying to find all the endings (IIRC there was a pretty rare one to come across and somehow that was the first one we saw) without being too pedantic.

Thanks for your backstory btw, @arnolde , and welcome!

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