hello from Bournemouth!

Started by EddieRoyaleWithCheese, 23:07, 08 July 20

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hello my name is Ian
and I am from Bournemouth in the south east of England.

we are about 100 miles from London and we have miles of lovely clean beach with nice clear blue water.

i've been into games since the mid 80s and some of my favourite games
are midnight resistance, flicky, sonic the hedgehog and klax.

ive had an amiga an amstrad a spectrum super nintendo gameboy and recently i started to buy second hand refurbished machines i have never had

like the megadrive and NES original



Tremendous username, by the way!


Welcome!  :)
Hope you'll enjoy your stay.


Quote from: ervin on 01:13, 09 July 20
Tremendous username, by the way!
thank you-

it comes from a character in east enders the landlord who was
murdered by nasty nick.

his name was eddie royal add to that the famous 'royale with cheese' line from pulp fiction
and there you are

some times i think it is a bit like getting a good email address with hotmail
pretty much
so i just went with something a bit mad


Mmmmyeah, that IP tho...

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