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Title: Hello From Estonia. CPC6128 / EME-155 stepper motor turning only one way. Intro.
Post by: oli71fr on 12:44, 12 July 22
Hello all,

I have been lugging my CPC6128 around Europe and we are now in Estonia, where it was stored for a while.

All works except the drive, and it is the stepper motor that is troublesome. I have taken it apart, having previously marked its position but it stubbornly want to turn only one way bringing the head outwards from the disc centre.
I am wondering what can cause this. None of the wires are sticking out and all the solder points look clean with no cracks. It is only half functioning.

The drive detects files on the discs with CAT, but this can only be done once by sliding the head down manually and letting the step motor bring it up to the top.  The Drive is an EME-155

Amongst other things and for the joy of my son, I have a Philips G7000, a NEC PC Engine and a PS1.

Thank you for letting me in. Best regards to all.
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