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Started by Nas_Sutromi, 18:49, 23 August 21

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Hello from Portugal!

I'm an 8bit mega fan and enjoy playing on real Hardware, since I do some long gaming sessons I usually buy the same computers 2 or 3 times just to be sure I never run out of hardware to use.

So I have gather a nice Amstrad hardware collection, and have been buying games from time to time, I have recently got an extra 6128 plus that as a broken membrane so I searched the internet and have only found people selling CPC 464 membranes.

is there someone on this forum that sells PLUS membranes? or do you know were can I get one.

Best regards


Probably too late but just yesterday I got a notification that a shop in Germany has brand new membranes for the Plus and the 6128.

Unfortunately not cheap, but since there are no spare keyboards/membranes available, it might be the only chance to rescue a Plus:

Shaun M. Neary

Obvious question but are you 100% the membrane is at fault, have you tried reseating the membrane (disconnecting and reconnecting it) or cleaning the contacts (piece of card and some IPA) first? 

It's not always the membrane at fault and I'd hate to see you spending the money on a membrane only to have the same problem that could have been discovered with five minutes of troubleshooting.

Good luck.
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It can sometimes be the resistor network on the motherboards that Amstrad fitted to those models but isn't needed. With the age of the machines this can cause issues now. This article is really good at explaining better than I can and how to fix: Repairing the CPC+ Keyboard

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