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Started by raycade, 01:58, 20 October 21

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Hi all,

Hello From Holland. Hallo! Hoi!

I decided to register here to get in touch with people that are into Amstrad/Schneider.

I'm a long time Commodore Amiga enthusiast, since '89 and have machines up to this date. Before that I grew up with a C64 and Game & Watch handhelds.

A friend of mine bought a Schneider 664 and it somehow triggered me to also look into this system as it was quite unknown to me.
Back in the day Commodore, Atari, MSX, Philips Videopac, Nintendo where  the main brands of my time in my neighborhood.

Recently I got myself 2 Schneider CPC 6128's sets including 664 Monitors from Germany.
So this is where my journey starts.

I have no knowledge about the Amstrad, and I learn as I go. But so far everything is very logical.

I think it is a great system especially when I put it back to it's date. Such a pity I have never experienced the Amstrad in the '80s when I was a kid.

At first I wanted to go full on the Mega64, but 800,- euro's was not worth for me, so I decided to go for Amstrad instead.
I have not thought about the Mega64 since.
I'm into getting an M4, as this sounds like the holy grail to have for the Amstrad.

Any tips or suggestions are welcome.



Nice pic, welcome here and have fun  8)


Welcome !

If you ever come across Dutch books for the CPC, contact me or via acpc.me to get them scanned, they're pretty hard to come by it seems and we're missing a lot of them :)

For the M4, it's a nice extension, convenient to test ROMs and be used as mass storage, but some software and games will not work with it. Still worth getting of course, but you should also get a gotek drive for proper floppy emulation :)


Welcome to the fantastic world of CPC and 6128plus computers.  :) :) :)
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