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Started by ommadawn, 21:40, 21 February 22

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Greetings, Kevin here.

Just signed up and have to say that I was particularly impressed by all the work done on the CPC Wiki (which brought me here). I'd consider myself more of an interloper as although I do own a CPC 464, I've been winding down my collection and back in the day was more of a C64 man!!

However, I have come across some CPC mags and zines and thought I'd offer to scan them if there was any interest here. You seem to have a lot of these covered, but maybe there is a few things you could add to your Wiki.

Amstrad Cent pour Cent - Issues 6, 25, 35, 40-44, 46-49
Amstrad Software & Peripheral Catalogue 1986
LFACC 'zine Issue 2 18 Mar 1991
Eurostrad 'zine Issue 5 1994
Eureka 'zine No 3 Sep 1992
CPC-Fastloader No 4
Rundschlag - Issues 7-9, 16 & 17 and also a preview edition of issue 7.0 which seems to have been made available during a Euromeeting in REIMS in 1992 (this has fewer pages than the proper issue 7 and has hand-written notes on the front which says "Only a temporary preview edition for Euromeeting in Reims. Thanks to Logon System and Niki of Eureka." Signed by Marabu of HJT and Hiroyuki and dated 25/7/1992.

Anyway, keep up the good work and if there is any interest I'm only too happy to scan these for you.



Check out ACPC.ME for the most complete collection of Amstrad material.


If it's not already there, they are really keen on getting the missing parts.


Welcome here and thanks for the offer! Hope someone takes it up, unfortunately I lack the time to scan anything... :(

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