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Hello from Somerset

Started by 1024MAK, 22:46, 27 September 15

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 :) Hello to everyone!

Anyway, having discovered your forum a little while ago while browsing....
I thought it was time to stop just being an unregistered lurker, so I have now joined the forum community.

I first saw a CPC micro a very long time ago when the high street stores started stocking them next to the other 8 bit computers.
At secondary school there were three computers, two of which were beeb's (both model B's I think, they both had 5.25" 40 track floppy drives).
I took computer studies and used the beeb's for my project.
At home, I shared a 48k ZX Spectrum with my sister.

I did like the CPC, and loved the keyboard, but already having a Spectrum and being young, that was that. So I upgraded the Spectrum with a proper keyboard (from DK Electronics). Then the Atari ST came to the UK. I saved up and got a STFM.

Now some years later a Electronics company were selling some CPC 6128's off. The only snag, the software and manual were Spanish! So I tinkered with this machine, but got distracted as the work load at work increased. At some point the disk drive failed.

Fast forward an undisclosed number of years... I was picking up a BBC B that had the Acorn speech system fitted, and the seller said that they had a CPC464 that was faulty, did I want it? So I said yes. Not yet had a chance to repair it yet (looks like it could be a DRAM fault). But it did prompt me to buy a few more bits and pieces from a well known auction site. So I picked up a faulty CPC 6128, but the disk drive was the only faulty part, and a new drive belt fixed it.

I should say, I have rather a lot of other retro computers, but I prefer to call myself a tinkerer rather than a collector. As I tend to buy the faulty machines more than the more expensive working with box machines.

Looking forward to summer in Somerset :-)


Hi Mark, welcome to our lovely forum!

Yours is a nice story, you'll have a lot of fun repairing old machines, hehe  :D

Regarding the faulty 464, can you tell us a bit more about it?


Zoe Robinson

Hi, Mark. Welcome to the group. We don't bite (much). :)


Welcome Mark,
        I like the avatar picture, is that a BBC hardware stack :D




Quote from: robcfg on 23:06, 27 September 15Regarding the faulty 464, can you tell us a bit more about it?
Hi Rob

I would, but it was a little while ago, so I forget the details. IIRC it displayed a multicoloured patterned screen. But, my memory may be playing tricks. If I get a chance, I will dig it out. Then I can take some photos.

I have yet to properly have a poke at it with test gear, so me thinking it is a DRAM fault is based mainly on experiences with other retro computers.

Looking forward to summer in Somerset :-)


Quote from: Bryce on 08:23, 28 September 15I like the avatar picture, is that a BBC hardware stack :D

It's actually a 68000 single board development system (working, just not used that much), a dead ULA from a ZX81 and a dead Z80 CPU from a Micro-Professor MPF-I.

I was a bit annoyed with this Z80 CPU, as it worked for about 45 minutes when powered up, then died. It was not even being worked hard, no other electrical items that could have affected it were nearby, and my tinkering hands had not been near it. Still, never mind, the MPF got a nice replacement CMOS Z80 as a result, so the little hot heatsink on the 7805 now runs very slightly cooler  ;D .

Looking forward to summer in Somerset :-)


Quote from: 1024MAK on 22:46, 27 September 15
So I picked up a faulty CPC 6128, but the disk drive was the only faulty part, and a new drive belt fixed it.

I have found the belt on the disk drive seems to be the Achiles heel of the CPC6128, I must have changed my belt two or three times already!


Welcome Mark, enjoy the forum. I traded an STFM to a CPC6128 and a TFM.  ;)
TFM of FutureSoft
Also visit the CPC and Plus users favorite OS: FutureOS - The Revolution on CPC6128 and 6128Plus



Hi and welcome.
multicolored pattern on screen had mine 464 as the cpu died...


Favorite CPC games: Count Duckula 3, Oh Mummy Returns, RoboCop Resurrection, Tankbusters Afterlife


Hello and welcome to the forum Mark.


Welcome to the community.


...aaaand a much belated welcome from me!

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