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Started by Gryzor, 08:41, 05 August 11

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Jeebus, this was an old thread to resurrect. 

I lost my Twitter account a couple years ago when I was in an argument with an ableist prick who didn't like that I had pointed out Elon Musk had wrongly included autism in his list of 'brain diseases' his Neuralink could potentially 'cure'.  Somehow I ended up perma-banned even though I was the autistic person being attacked by an idiot who couldn't understand that autism is not any kind of disease.  I appealed to Twitter asking which rule I apparently banned.  They sent generic response email.  I appealed again. I wanted to know because the only category in the rules that even applied to the argument was disability, but it was my disability being mocked so why was I the one punished?  Again same automated response.  I appealed and received same response a total of 12 times before I finally just called it quits and decided I was probably happier without Twitter anyways.  I miss some of the people I used to speak to on there but I also got into some stupid arguments with some folk and was also a target of some really vile people (including a UK 'celebrity' who had his followers attack me and say a lot of sick stuff I had to screenshot for evidence to send to police).  Yeah I can do without. 

Of course my eyes rolled so hard when later on it was announced Elon Musk, the guy my Twitter ban was about, was aiming to buy the whole damn thing.  And eventually he did.  And he's making a bit of a mess of it all.  So yeah, I don't miss it. :D

I recently joined Mastodon (like a whole ton of other folk did) but mainly just to reconnect with a couple of folk who migrated over I had missed speaking to on Twitter.   Like @reidrac for example   :)
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I keep my twitter account to announce releases, but I prefer mastodon and generally the mood and people over there. Less poison, so far.
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Made a twitter account in 2014 for my music photography promotion.

Let it expire due to inactivity in 2019

Don't miss it in the slightest, biggest toxic shithole since the old World Of Spectrum forums.
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I have also a twitter account. I use it most for when I release something to reach more people.

It helps me also being informed on news generally, using hastags, but it seems there are many trols/paid trols there...
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